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You’ve created a membership site that’s making a real impact and your members love. And while the launch marketing model has helped you get this far, it’s just not working as well for you anymore.

It’s time to go evergreen!

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Why go evergreen?

An evergreen marketing funnel let’s you scale faster and launch less frequently. Unlike open memberships where anyone can join anytime, evergreen let’s you continuously enroll people who are truly interested to your membership without having to wait for a launch.

Scale Further

When you lose as many members between launches as you gain during launches– that’s the dreaded “launch plateau”. It’s common and it means your membership goes sideways. Evergreen breaks through the launch plateau so you can acheive the growth you want.

Reduce Reliance on Launches

Events beyond our control can throw a wrench into the best planned launches. Launching can feel super stressful when you have all your eggs in this one basket.

Focus on Serving Over Selling

Evergreen runs itself, so you can get off the sales hamster wheel. You’ll spend less time planning and running launches and more time loving on your members.

Create More Consistent Revenue

Even for seasoned membership owners, the best planned launches are still hard to predict. With evergreen, you’ll have a steady stream of data which tells you what to expect financially, helping you run your business more effectively.

Iterate and Optimize Much Faster

With an evergreen funnel, you get constant feedback on what is converting for your audience. So you can easily adjust your ad budgets, content, and designs to get the most out of your investment.

Spend More Time On What You Love

Evergreen works even when you aren’t. Because your evergreen funnel is completely automated, you can take that vacation and still grow your membership and bottom line.

About the Academy

The Evergreen Membership Academy is where online membership owners and their teams learn exactly how to build and scale a highly profitable evergreen webinar funnel. 

Learn the strategy used by enormously successful membership site owners like Carrie Green (Female Entrepreneur Association), Rachel Miller (Moolah Marketer), Sonia Stringer (Business Academy for Women), Joan Garry (Nonprofit Leadership Lab), Levi Kujala (Tony’s Acoustic Challenge), and others to add thousands of new members, bring in consistent monthly income, and spend more time serving their members and less effort launching all the time.

I’ll be with you the whole way – training, coaching, supporting, and providing the resources you need to successfully go evergreen.

what you will learn


Going Evergreen: The Math, The Funnel, The Process

Learn what success looks like, the elements of the funnel, how to know if it’s working or not, and what you can expect in terms of your effort level and realistic profitability.


The Secrets to a High-Converting Evergreen Webinar

Your webinar is the key to a profitable evergreen funnel. Learn the nuances of how to structure a high-converting webinar and how to effectively and comfortably sell your membership during it.


Transitioning to Evergreen

An evergreen funnel can bring in hundreds or thousands of new members on auto-pilot. But first you have to build out and automate your entire funnel, step-by-step, the right way.


Scalable Evergreen Ad Strategy

Ad platforms come and platforms go. You’ll learn how to devise a digital ad strategy that drives a low enough Cost Per Acquisition to make all of this work for your membership.


Evergreen Analytics

You’ll see how to set up an automated tracking system that gives you all the numbers you need to make effective strategic decisions about optimizing your funnel.

“Your knowledge and expertise on this topic is world class and you have an awesome program. Knowing my numbers… the calculator has given me the confidence to scale my business.”

John Michaloudis


“The Academy has been highly valuable and super clear on what needs to happen and get done to make evergreen a success! I was really happy with everything I’ve learned and taken away from the Academy. Definitely worth the investment for sure. 💪❤️”

Caitlin Mitchell

Founder and CEO, EB Academics

“I’m totally grateful for this opportunity – I wouldn’t have evergreen launched if you hadn’t offered this program.

Susan Bradley

Founder, The Social Sales Girls

“We had been stuck around 800 members for a while and this program helped us get to 2,500 members in just 5 months. I can’t believe how fast we grew!”

Sonia Stringer

Founder, Business Academy for Women

Hi, I’m Scott Paley

For more than 20 years, I’ve helped hundreds of organizations grow through strategic, creative digital marketing – from big brands like Clairol and Marriott to nonprofits like the Innocence Project and Million Mom March to individual experts like Joan Garry and Carrie Green.

In 2017, I co-founded a very successful membership site that serves nonprofit leaders – the Nonprofit Leadership Lab – which in three years, grew to 2,000 members using the launch model.

But then we hit the “launch plateau”.

When you lose as many members between launches as you gain during launches– that’s the launch plateau. At some point, this happens to every membership – even those with really high retention rates.

Our membership was stagnating even though I knew there was still a ton of room to grow in the market.

That’s when we went evergreen. And it worked!

In less than a year we went from our consistent 2,000 members to more than 4,500 members. We grew fast and with a lot less stress! We were able to help so many more people and organizations and the ripple effect has been enormous.

Now I help others achieve evergreen success.

  1. I build and maintain evergreen funnels for membership owners through my agency Abstract Edge.
  2. I train and support teams to go evergreen through the Evergreen Edge Academy.

Me, beyond evergreen…

Besides my work life, I love to travel, read, play piano, sing, and watch the amazin’ New York Mets. Though born and raised in the New York City suburbs, in 2008, I took my business 100% remote and moved with my wife, Sharon, and our two children to Baltimore, Maryland.