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private coaching with scott

Need some one-on-one time with Scott to review your evergreen strategy or funnel elements, help overcome any obstacles, dig into your analytics and tracking, or analyze your results?

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The Agenda is Up to You!

  • Discuss your current evergreen strategy
  • Review your funnel elements (landing pages, show-up sequence, follow-up sequence)
  • Brainstorm solutions to obstacles
  • Dig into your analytics and tracking
  • Analyze your results

“After my first coaching session with Scott, I immediately implemented what we discussed and literally by the next day I had already made a substantial profit.”

Susan Bradley,
The Social Sales Girls

* Appointments will be rescheduled solely at the discretion of Evergreen Edge. If a new time is needed, a second payment will be required.

Hi, I’m Scott Paley

For more than 20 years, I’ve helped hundreds of organizations grow through strategic, creative digital marketing – from big brands like Clairol and Marriott to nonprofits like the Innocence Project and Million Mom March to individual experts like Joan Garry and Carrie Green.

In 2017, I co-founded a very successful membership site that serves nonprofit leaders – the Nonprofit Leadership Lab – which in three years, grew to 2,000 members using the launch model.

But then we hit the “launch plateau”.

When you lose as many members between launches as you gain during launches– that’s the launch plateau. At some point, this happens to every membership – even those with really high retention rates.

Our membership was stagnating even though I knew there was still a ton of room to grow in the market.

That’s when we went evergreen. And it worked!

In less than a year we went from our consistent 2,000 members to more than 4,500 members. We grew fast and with a lot less stress! We were able to help so many more people and organizations and the ripple effect has been enormous.

Now I help others achieve evergreen success.

  1. I build and maintain evergreen funnels for membership owners through my agency Abstract Edge.
  2. I train and support teams to go evergreen through the Evergreen Edge Academy.

Me, beyond evergreen…

Besides my work life, I love to travel, read, play piano, sing, and watch the amazin’ New York Mets. Though born and raised in the New York City suburbs, in 2008, I took my business 100% remote and moved with my wife, Sharon, and our two children to Baltimore, Maryland.